Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Epic-ly Long Wait!

 Three days till Christmas!

I feel like a little kid, freaking out!  Just waiting for that moment to come where I wake up at 6:00 in the morning and run downstairs to open my stocking with my brothers.

We would sit and read our Archie Comics that we got every year.  Though we would have to sit there and practically die from waiting 2 and a half hours for my parents to take the longest walk ever down the stairs.  After that we had to wait even longer!!  My dad reads the story of Jesus's birth every Christmas morning.

This is basically what goes on in my head while he is reading..
Ugh! Why do we have to read this story every year?! I already know what happens. 

 Hear that dad? I already know, because you read it to us every year. *Looks under the tree and finds my biggest present* Thats the one I want. 

Only about a billion more hours until I can open it. *Looks at younger brother who seems to be struggling just as much.  Looks at older brother who seems to be really enjoying the story* It's almost done, it has got to be, I have been sitting here for hours, my flesh is melting away to a liquid... Hey! If it's liquid it can slither under the tree and get my presents, and rip them open. HAHAHAHHAHA! 

*Younger brother gives me a funny look for smiling so big.* 

Oops I have been caught, pretend to be normal. IS THIS STORY NOT OVER YET?! 

That continues till I'm on the breaking point and then the story is over and wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, we can open presents. 

Of course things are much different now, I do enjoy the story of how Jesus is born. I try to prolong the gift opening so it is not over in two seconds.  Funny how things change.

This year Melissa took a picture of my eye because you can see the Christmas tree in them.  Well more like the lights, but we thought it was pretty amazing at the time.

Here is the drawing I made for my dear friend Jillian!  I am Ariel and she is Meg so I drew this. Yes, I realize we look sort of evil, but why not?! It makes the drawing more interesting. Am I right? Yes I am!

I would love to hear your memories of Christmas when you were little! 


  1. That's HILARIOUS Mona. Haha. I was laughing the whole time. I love the drawings mixed in with the story. I'm still chuckling. And kitty just jumped off my lap in anger.

    Love the drawing of meg and ariel. 'm glad you decided to give them faces.

  2. Your drawing of Meg and Ariel is AMAZING!
    You never cease to astound me.

  3. love the illustrated christmas morn reliving! this is the reason we read the nativity story on christmas eve instead of in the morning! but maybe i should flip it this year... see the torture on the kids' faces? mwha ha ha ha!!
    ((really, i won't though))