Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where are you Christmas?

Even though, I have many many drawings to do before Christmas comes, I want it to be here now!

Life has been very busy between work, buying presents, and making cards/drawings. However, I am happy to announce that I am officially done buying all my gifts.  Not too expensive a year, I must add, because of all the drawing presents. So far I have finished two out of about a million haha. 

I can post one drawing on here, but not the other because it is for my dear best friend Melissa, who will for sure see it.  Don't want to give anything away now do we? 

This year my younger brother and I are making stockings for my parents.  It is surprisingly hard to find cheap things they will like to go in the stockings. We walked in to the mall all energized and ready to go, then left basically dragging our chins on the floor. 

I think malls have this vacuum that sucks out your energy, like they feed off it to live, and thats why you leave feeling so tired haha. 

I bought myself an amazing book (from money from my grandma) yesterday. Its called Disneystrology (it tells you your birthday character, and what it says about you). It is basically the greatest book! 

The only downside is that my character is a stupid fat fairy. So lame.

 I am supposed to not look at it and leave it under the tree for Christmas, but it is sooo tempting! I swear it has magical powers.

If you would like to know your character, just comment and tell me when your birthday is and not only will I tell you your character, but I will write the other stuff it says, and perhaps take a picture. However, you may have to wait till after Christmas (there are eyes everywhere).


  1. HAHAHAH A stupid fat fairy. I spit out my juice everywhere! TEll me what I am. I'm calling you right now!

    You should've posted my drawing. I want to see it. What am I getting for xmas? Wait. Don't tell me.

    Goofy looks FANTASTIC! I totally love it.

    Didn't I say that thing (almost exactly) about malls like a year ago? I was going to write a short story about the monster who lives in the mall and sucks out all your energy. Actually, that's still a good idea. Guess what I'm going to write over xmas break!

  2. could you tell me what character is september 26th? :D

  3. I totally agree on the mall thing! I always knew they were draining me of my life force!

    June 1st for Disney Character?
    Please and thank you!!

  4. goofy is FANTASTIC!!!
    and i hate shopping! blech!
    and ummm...
    july 26th please!?!?