Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Characters!

I couldn't resist.

I just had to sneak downstairs and grab "the book" so I could tell you all your birthday characters. It is just so exciting! ..unless you get a stupid fat fairy..

To Melissa- So you know how awesome your character is.
KEVIN!! (Up)

P.s. When you see this movie you will love her!

To Kristen-
Your birthday character is Gypsy (A Bugs Life)

You know how to dazzle others with your visual appearance.  You've learned the secrets of creating illusions, and you keep that information to yourself.  Intelligent and insightful, you aren't upset by the frenzied actions of others.  You perform your duties calmly and effortlessly.  Ingenious and brave, you apply your specialized talents to varied situations.  Your presence alone makes others shine.
Magical Gifts: Gypsy bestows the gifts of mystery, loyalty,and practicality.  She teaches you the transformational quality of artistic expression, especially through colour.
Keys to your Success: Keeping your fans coming back for more.

To anonymous (I dont know who you are haha)-
Your birthday character is Roz (Monsters Inc.)

You believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.  You have formulated a method that allowed you to achieve considerable success, and you implement it with wit and precision.  Others aren't always privy to your personal life or past, but they can count on you to make wise and compassionate decisions that reflect your empathy and heart. 
Magical Gifts: Roz brings you the gifts of perception, mystery, an influence.  Call on her when you need to uncover the truth regarding a situation and thoughtfully conceal the facts.
Keys to your success: Holding every key to every door.

To Aspiring-
Your character is Mowgli (Jungle Book)

You feel at home in nature and have an exceptional bond with animals.  You prefer to do things your own way and at your pace.  With your magnetic personality, making friends comes easily; but your agreeable nature sometimes makes you too trusting.  Wise beyond your years, you have a lot to offer your family and community. Animals willingly befriend, nurture and protect you.
Magical Gifts: Mowgli bestows the gifts of confidence, playfulness and adaptability.  He teaches you how to create a home in many environments.
Keys to your success: Listening to advice and accepting when its time to move forward.

If anyone else wants to know their character, just comment on this post or the last.

In other news, I recently made a poster for a show a few of my friends are putting on called 
Christmas for a Cause
They are raising money for the homeless.  Its really a great show! 

I would love to put up some of the other drawings I have done, but I don't want to take chances with them seeing it. Sorry!


  1. so fun!
    love, love, love your grinch!!!
    you should mos def save all your images on your computer to show all of us AFTER christmas! :)

  2. The Grinch kicks butt girl!!!


  3. I agree, the Grinch is pretty sweet.
    And that's so funny, because someone earlier today said I reminded them of Kevin. Maybe I was channeling Melissa.

  4. Roz... omg! I have worst Disney character xP Fat fairy is nothing copare of this, anyway thank you very much :D :D :D

  5. Hey Ramona - I know that was a while ago, but what book is that!? It looks really cool!