Monday, December 27, 2010

Centaurs and Magical Things

Every so often, I get so inspired, and excited to draw that I literally cant stop.  My pencil flies across the paper in swift movements, trying to capture what is in my mind.  I love these moments.  Nothing else matters in that moment, especially not the time. That is why I was up till two o'clock last night drawing these.  I started out watching fantasia (I love it so much), and I just kept drawing random things.  I was inspired by the Centaurs in Fantasia to draw these. The first one is me, the second - Ashley, and the third- Lauren.  I'm seeing them today and I promised them a drawing for Christmas, so it all worked out.

I started out copying some tangled drawings.

Then drawing whatever came to mind, while watching Fantasia.

Then drew this Centaur, which led to the ones at the top.

For Christmas, I drew Melissa a character from her book- Sawyer.

These were the possibilities before hand, and just getting practice in before the real one.

I shall post what I got for Christmas in my next post.  Along with some funny stories.


  1. Ramona,

    Your illustrations are so charming. i really like them. I particularly like all the expressions on the fox... too cute.

    Have a great week.


  2. so many good ones today! i especially liked the sawyer ones! and inspiration like that rocks!!! :)

  3. Thanks so much! You guys are so sweet!

  4. SAWYER!!!!! My heart is melting! You have so many awesome depictions of him. I want them all... I have a whole wall...

    I love how you watercolored the centaurs. They look great.

    You really were inspired!