Friday, April 8, 2011

F is for Favourite Characters!

F is for Faline from Bambi
(I absolutely love her! She is soo cute.)

F is for Flounder from The Little Mermaid
(obviously have to put him, hes Ariel's best friend!)

 F is for Figaro from Pinocchio 
(Soooo adorable! She is also hilarious!)

These characters all make my favourite's list!

Also if you would like to help me out a little, I put a job posting up on this freelance website, and I need people to "kudos" me. You do need to sign up but its really fast. 
Thank you!


  1. you are so talented... i want to be able to draw that well one day. I would like you to read my diamond blog award post, i am giving the award tomorrow and you are definately a favourite. RuthieTootieWishes a follower

  2. You have been awarded first place for my 'Diamond Blog Award'- RuthieTootieWishes. Thank you for inspiring!

  3. I really love your work Ramona. I wish you could put one of me up there,love your friend Myah.