Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Red and Reggie simplified!

Simplified version of Reginald P. Worthington and Red (the fox). I would like to be able to animate them at some point while Im in the Animation Program so simplifying them will make it much easier to animate.  Don't worry, Red still has the same fire in her.  Maybe even more so, she thinks she's cuter, which means she thinks she can get away with more.. We will see about that.

Here is the original for a refresher-

Im thinking I want something to add to red to make her more recognizable, but I cant think of what.  Reginald has his suit, but red cant have clothing (shes much to wild for that), but she needs something.  

Any Ideas?


  1. How about a flirty curl? I know you will come up with a cool idea. Good job!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Your drawings are great. What about one with a girl combing her hair in a struggle in a field as a boy approaches h from behind with his hands behind his back. Teeth showing on the girl,she is yet to spot the handsome teen admiring form the background.
    My name Edneesha...and all I'll add is that I'm from Boston.MA.....

  3. Me above who was writing,..I was only in 6th grade at the time.I go to a school...not gunna tell which...and BELIEVE it's located on..."not gunna tell". If you like this idea,please write on this page an agreement and I'll be happy to try to revisit and see any new comments for me.DISagreemets?

  4. Sorry.me again. I'm sorry those comments I left were not really for Red,but I think it's pretty good advice i left for you on the table for you use. Don't STEAL my idea though.I thought really creatively that idea.(An my idea was supposed to only contain those two HUMANS!
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  5. ..........See,not purposely,I DID write the most comments...not on purpose...AND the most words. Again,not on purpose too. I like to write. Before,you only had 1 real comment. Wish I could have enlarged that 1.