Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winnie the Pooh and Randoms.

Hello Everyone! So here is kind of an update of my goings on in the past few days, after getting back from DisneyWorld. I shall post about DisneyWorld later cause that should be a post in itself with all the pictures etc. 
Here is a couple books I bought at DisneyWorld, as well as a couple I bought here.

Did you ever read this book when you were young? I did! It was amazing. I would just sit for hours and read it. 

This is a character drawing of me I got in Universal Studios. The artist is amazing and did this in about half an hour, if that. 
The other day Karly (from the summer animation program) and I went to the mall to draw people. This is in an attempt to keep up our drawing skills for next year. Well turns out it was lots of fun and we encountered some pretty interesting characters. 
Today Karly, Kevin and I went downtown as part of our Monday hangout days. It was quite fun indeed. After eating yummy and cheap sushi we went in to a couple thrift stores and I exited with a charming and old Winnie the pooh book, Alice in wonderland, The Aristocats (movie), and How The Grinch Stole Christmas ( which I have to wait till December first to watch). 
Then we went in to opus and I found my next sketchbook journal (I am very excited about this). I tried to do the first page at the park but it didn't turn out how I wanted it. Luckily the pages rip out nicely (always a plus). Anyway, I did the first page at home and am happier with it. 
I will put up my DisneyWorld pictures soon, do not fret! 


  1. Epic post Ramona.

    Love the books obviously and I need you to read me more poems soon. That Sidewalk book is absolutely hilarious. I need more.

    I love all the drawings you did with Karly.

    That WInnie the pooh book really IS charming. Awe. I'm sorta jealous. It looks awesome. You got some good finds and now I have the insatiable desire for sushi.

    Love the first page in your new sketchbook. I can't wait for it to fill up and to look at all your work!

  2. HAH! We had sushi tonight because of YOU!!! I LOVE the notebook!! Lime green is a colour I hold VERY close to my heart!!!