Friday, February 4, 2011

Magic Worlds and Fairy Tales

As promised, I did draw more yesterday, though they are not all the greatest. 

Trying my hand at drawing some Disney again. (Its been a while)
Robin Hood!

Rabbit. The head is way to big, but I did not feel like fixing it.

Meant to be my boyfriend Jacob, but it does not really look like him.  It is so hard to draw people I know for some reason.

This is sort of me.  I drew it from a picture of me, but changed some things.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a land of fairy tales, and magical things. Wait, scratch that, I always wish that.  It would be so great though. Just think of all the amazing Disney movies.  Now imagine you lived in a world where all of that was possible.  Where magic wands were used daily, and princes came to your rescue. I like to imagine I am a mermaid, of course.  

When I think of Disney, some days, my heart feels like its filling up with Joy! I get so excited to draw or read about Disney, or watch a Disney movie. Maybe I am being silly but I love it!

Do you ever think of something and get filled with a giddy happinessÉ 
(Sorry I cant make question marks, I pressed something on my computer.  By the way does anyone know how to fix this... please let me know!)


  1. I know how to fix the computer thing! You switched it to the canadian french setting. Just find the little keyboard (should be on the bottom bad of your screen) and change it back to US. Then it'll work fine again. (I know cause I accidentally switch it all the time!)

    I love robin hood! I want to watch that movie. Actually, I want to do anything for fun. That would be nice. GAH, life is lame sometimes!

    Also, dude, you know i love living in magical lands - particularly ones of my own making.

    I miss you!

  2. I'm always impressed by your work. Absolutely breathtaking the talent you posess!!

  3. Your stuff is crazy solid. Robin Hood is most likely my favorite Disney film, you captured his cheerfulness so well.

  4. really cool, I'm a huge fan of disney myself!!