Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So I have all these drawings, that I havent posted yet, soo sorry! 

These Characters are all from books.  The top one of Lenia (basically Ariel), and Margarethe are from the book Mermaid: A twist on the classic tale.  The other one is Helen from another book that turned out to be mediocre. 

I died my hair red again! Let me say, it is good to be back! I missed having red hair. Anyway, the top pic is of me in the food court watching randoms, my hair is not that red, but I was wearing a top like that.

Some more random sketches. 

Quick sketches of Ariel. 

So in preparation for my Halloween costume, and a Disney fundraiser I have ordered my MERMAID TAIL online today! I am hoping it will arrive in time. It is a swimmable, fully functional tail.  I got it in teal (called Arielle) of course and am very excited!

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