Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Foxes and Frames!

I must update you all on the things I have been working on the last couple weeks.  I have finished the Disney frame for the craft fair coming up!

The whole thing took me around twenty-three hours.  Completely worth it!

The other week my friend and I carved pumpkins, I did scar.  I took this picture today, after it had molded quite a bit (I know, sick!).  When I can get the better picture I will post it. 

Earlier today I did a study on fox's because I love them and want to draw them better!

I love fox's sooo much and will one day own one! But for now I need to settle for drawing them. 

Here is a couple more sketches that I will use for Christmas cards.  I'm not too sure if I want to use the puppy or not yet, but I will for sure use the mermaid and the fox (my two favorite things). 

Poor little fox! 

Is it just me or do the newly released versions of the Disney movies lack a certain something? They are too polished.  I like the grainy and sketchy quality of the old ones!

P.s. I'm watching the Fox and the Hound at the moment!


  1. lovely pics!
    was it melissa you carved punk'ins with?
    did you get that comment yesterday with the link to the agent news!??!

  2. Hey no, I just looked at it now. How do you respond? I dont have twitter.