Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New Wallet!

Those of you who know me, know that I have had the same pink American Eagle wallet for years and years now.  We are talking ballpark, 8 years, maybe even longer.  

Gorgeous, is it not? haha! Finally, a few weeks ago, I decided I needed a new one.  Of course, I wanted a disney one, so I went searching online. I didn't find the specific one I wanted, but I did find a good one. And today it came in the mail!!

The mickey ears were originally silver and it said M japan on it or something, sooo I painted over it. I also added a wee bit of colour as you can see. 

But look at all the room for cards! It's magnificent! 

On to drawing.  I have not updated in a while. I went to the mall to draw again, and this is what inspired my soul on this lovely wednesday afternoon..

Some pretty funny characters, I would say. 

The other day I was watching Finding Neverland (suuuch a good movie), and got inspired to make my own Neverland.  Here are a few characters that live in this world.

Mermaids.. of course.

Wood Sprites.

Elementals (this is earth) it was also inspired by a top secret project, my friends and I are doing..

When I got home, I wanted to try using my brown ink on some acetate paper.  I will paint it and see how it turns out.

P.s. If you have not eaten kettle corn, you MUST do so. 
It is heavenly..

What is something new you are excited about?


  1. Cute wallet. I love Disney anything and everything!
    I love the sprite in the tree.
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Stopping by from Joanne's. I'm your newest follower :).

    Love the new wallet and what you did to jazz it up! Great drawings I love your neverland creatures :)

  3. Thanks for drawing me! ; )