Thursday, August 18, 2011

wheat update

So here is my newest update of my sack of wheat animation. I realize it is too fast, so I want to add double the pages. You need to look in the right hand bottom corner, and not pay attention to the huge watermark. I will try and get rid of it soon.

If you have any ideas of something you want him to do, or have happen to him, let me know.


  1. Very about hula hooping? I think he would look cute doing that!

    as far as the materials the guy used on my post I don't know what he used I'm guessing oil paints? I think dyes might disperse Too quickly and sink too. his paint seems to stay on top like oil would.Or maybe he used acrylic? I think You tube might have some videos on how to do it. Good luck and if you do try it I would love to see the result!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Hula hooping WOULD be really cute! good idea! And I shall research it.

  3. I agree Hula Hooping would be fun. How about a little of the flour sprang a leak and he has to sew it up? That may be too difficult I'm in the dark on how to do cool stuff like this :)

  4. I was planning on doing something like that! A knife cuts him and the flour spills out. haha. not too hard :)