Saturday, March 20, 2010


The Princess and The Frog recently came out on DVD so naturally I own it. I love it. The music grows on me the more I watch it. However, now that I am so focused on the animation I notice any continuity flubs. Thus taking away from the magic that is Walt Disney.

I went to granville island today. It was great. I got a set of Faber-Castelli brush pens. As well as a book called how to draw and paint the figure with impact. It's a pretty amazing book. It inspired me to do these quick drawings while watching the Princess and the Frog. As you can see a couple drawings of the characters slipped in.

This one is "me", but I'm not so good at drawing real people so it doesn't really look the same.

Anyways, I watched New Moon at melissas tonight. That also just came out an she bought it. I love the movie but still some moments are so overdramatic.

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