Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am currently at work. I have started a new sketchbook which I am always excited about. The real exciting thought is that I'll still be working on this same sketchbook when school is over forever. 40 days left. Even that seems like way to long but it's better than three years.

I submitted my application for the summer animation program the other day. Now I just have to finish my porfolio of about 5 pages and submit that by April 6th. I'm very excited.

Here are the sketches I've done at work today...

This one was inspired by twilight, ben barnes and a random I saw by the bus the other day.

This next one was inspired by a girl i saw walking outside Carlton.

And this last one, inspired by a picture on my phone. The dress was what inspired it really.

This is basically what i do at work. It makes the time fly by. Only an hour and a halfish left. Yay.

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