Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Multitude of Drawings

Well hello again! I know it has been way too long. I kept telling myself I will scan and put up all my drawings tomorrow or something, but I was always super tired after work. But hurrah! you have to wait no longer. Im hoping that once I get out of "musical theatre school" that I can put a drawing up almost everyday. *crossing my fingers*, anyways, here are my drawings...
lets start out with my random drawings of girls..
This drawing was inspired by a little girl who came in to my work, she was very cute.
This is a drawing of me, when I was sick. Soo many tissues. it was very frustrating, hah.Just for the olympics..Based on two people in my school. She wanted to be his friend cause he was halarious, but he didnt know who she was.Spitting image of one of my acting teachers.. im not kidding.I saw When in Rome recently. I loved it. You have to go into it knowing its silly though. These are the two starring actors.Ment to be a drawing of Jude law in The Talented Mr. Ripley, but it is soo hard to capture his beauty. Im afraid to draw him as Watson from Sherlock Holmes, cause I wont be able to do him justice.The Paperbag Princess.A couple drawings of Bella from Twilight, and one of Jacob. I would have done Edward, but its Robert Pattison and I dont want him contaminating my sketchbook.Ofcourse, this would not be complete without a few drawings of mermaids.My best friends cat Sidewalk/Mia. She kind of has two names.A couple horses.Other animals..I am absolutely in love with A Goofy Movie (and An Extremely Goofy Movie). I just couldnt help myself.A couple disney drawings.
A character named Kay I made up.. I stole the name from Melissas book though. It just worked so well with her, haha. Anyways, we have come to the end of my recent drawings. I will really try to draw more in the next couple months. However, if that doesnt happen, you can be sure I will starting in may. That is when school will be over forever!! As you can see im slightly excited about this.

If anyone has any suggestions for drawings, please let me know. Not like there is many people reading this. but you never know.

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  1. I love the new ones you did. Excellent my dear, just excellent.