Monday, March 8, 2010

Just kill me now!! Please strike me down. Send the plague, locus, toads, anything!!! Okay maybe I'm being a tad over dramatic. I just hate school soo much. The teachers are grumpy and rude and inappropriate. 5 days and counting. Then I will be Free!!! Ah free, it sounds so
Perfect. Ofcourse I will have to work but at least I get something out of that.

At least I'm getting the bamboo drawing tablet for my birthday. Finally I can edit my drawings. Maybe I'll draw my teachers being killed. Muhahhaha. Sorry, I did it again. Arg!

Location:Send the plague

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  1. dramatic you = giddy me. I know I said I would write a blog the other night... but then I started watching movies with my mom (really good ones!) and then I realized I was way behind in the homework department..... Sorry we couldnt lunch it today! PS. wednesday/thursday we need to have lunch together.... cause im leaving thursday night and wont be back till monday!