Friday, March 12, 2010

Here is a quick sketch I did on my iPhone this morning...

I'm in rehearsal right now. I can't concentrate on taking notes. I just don't want to be here anymore. I keep thinking about the books I'm reading at the moment. Wanting to escape to that world.

I'm making a drawing of Mary poppins in watercolor for my moms birthday. Hopefully it will turn out well. I shall put a picture up here after and you can judge for yourself.

49 more days till school Is over. I found out today that I have a jazz class on my birthday. Yipee! (sarcasm).

Melissa is in whistler right now for the olympics. I'm jelous, but I do get to take care of her cat. Soo cute. She tried to take my moms orange away from her yesterday.

Anyways one more hour till I can go home for the night. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday.

Location:48 days..

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  1. she tried to take your moms orange???? hahaha, my god that feline is hilarious. She was sooooooo sweet last night.