Friday, June 4, 2010

2 cards down!

Two down, Nine to go for the Aladdin Cards.  I tried to do a couple before but all the powers of the universe were working against me, so they didn't turn out.  However, after hours of slavery these two are finished, whoopee!!

Two options for Aladdin, one is just the original, the other has a bit more sketch quality to it.  It looks a little pixely but I can change that.  

Same goes for Rajah. Let me know what one you like better.  

Also, hopefully the second episode to Melissa and my comics will be put up tonight. Most likely late.  Just another reminder if your just tuning in now - Melissa is writing the stories and I am drawing the comics.  These comics are based on our preparation to go on our fantastical trip to Orlando Florida. 

In other news - I read a great book yesterday called The Season.  Set in 1816 in London, its about a girl who doesn't want to be shoved in to a life of balls, and marriage.  There is some murder, and romance, I loved it. So if your looking for a good book to read...  Oh also The Body Finder was brilliant (also about murder and romance.... hmmmm) so check them out.  

Still working on reading the Harry Potter series for our trip. I'm really bad at reading multiple books at one time, so I'm only on the second book.  I know shame shame! Ill smash my head on the wall later if it will make you feel better (cough, Melissa, cough).  I do really like them though, I promise haha.

Stay tuned for more Comics and or Aladdin drawings.

1 comment:

  1. I like the originals. They are vibrant, and convey the emotions in the drawings a lot better - just my opinion.

    They look really good colored though. And yes, Aladdin is awesome, but Raja is still my favorite.

    I have a strong urge to watch Aladdin right now...