Thursday, June 10, 2010


 (Maybe if I use more exclamation marks, it will seem more exciting.)

What you could win-

Firstly, A drawing of your choice. This includes any characters from movies, shows, books, you as a cartoon, etc. However, I don't want to end up drawing 20 characters ha ha, so be nice.  I will draw it on paper, scan it, color it on the computer, print it out on some beautiful hard paper, and send it to you.  I will send anywhere in North America. 

Secondly, Your choice of a Post Card from Disney World, or Harry Potter World. Just let me know. 

How To Win -
Each point counts as one entry which will be entered in a draw at the end. This is how you get points-

2 points - for following me
4 points - for mentioning my blog and contest on your blog (with a link)
6 points - for sending me something creative to entertain me with (ha ha).  This includes drawings, stories, poems etc. Whatever you use to express yourself. 

The end date will be Wednesday June 23rd. 

For your entries just put them as a comment with a link etc. Have fun!!

Here is my Jafar that I just finished. He took longer than the rest.  I think its cause he is so bony. 


  1. Yay!!!! Awesome contest! I'm so excited!!!

    Okay so here are the points -

    +2 for being one of your awesome followers!!!
    +4 for your sidebar!!!
    +6 to entertain you:

    The wind blew as he walked, shovel in hand heading downstairs, the woman was crying, he had seen it all before, none of it mattered, the pleading only angered him. The pity was disgusting as he grabbed her from behind. Her hands bound together by rope, tight enough to bleed, it had taken him months to paint her portrait, she had been his worst victim yet, annoyed at the length of the process he had tortured her more than most, but now that the job was complete it was time to walk to the forest. The path out the front door was long, he only went out at midnight.

    She could barely walk, her feet tied together he forced her to figure it out. The shovel was his weapon, as he hit the back of her knees she screamed through the tape around her mouth. It wouldn‘t have mattered no one could hear them. He planned it this way. As she dropped to the ground, it only infuriated him, he grabbed her by her hair, she screamed, her eyes filled with fear, he didn’t speak, he didn‘t care, it only made him want to kill her that much more. He pushed her foreword, she was going to dig first, then he would set her in the tree swing where he would leave her for the night. He would grab his cup of coffee, sip it slowly, then head to bed while he listened to her scream.

    --- I would have emailed you the story but I wasn't sure that would be what you wanted! Let me know if you'd like more send me an email!! ---

  2. Hmmm. I'll post a snippet from my book later. And tally my own points, later. Jafar is great. He was a great villain, until he was stupid and got tricked into turning himself into a genie. He was so close to being all powerful. Oh sigh.

  3. Voila!
    I call this one: The Trials of an Avian Friendship!

    I have a friend who is a bird
    But who squawks whene're I say a word
    She won't listen to me
    And I'm starting to see
    That our friendship is simply absurd

    (see picture)
    Climb your way up and you will see,
    the magical wonders and mystery.
    two girls who will dare to climb,
    maybe see ariel or a rabbit with time.
    remember the memories and good time's we've had,
    with our laughter and character's both good and bad.
    Being your sister is something very true,
    just look at your Disneyland ID, how we took you.
    You are amazing and i love you a ton,
    all our daring attempts and climbs have been fun.
    Keep in mind the times we've shared,
    tell me anything, you know I've always cared.
    Remember me when you are famous,
    the only rhyme I can think of is Shaymus.
    Goodnight my love, goodnight my friend,
    for this is my poem's end.

    <3 Shannon Hanbury

  5. What a fun contest Ramona! Please enter me, I wanna win! :)

  6. ofcourse, just put your entry in a comment and do the other things and your golden! haha

  7. there. see how crazy i'm stooping for you? i created a blog. .. which i will never use again.

    also the thing to entertain you is a surprise and will be complete before the 23rd.