Thursday, June 10, 2010


I only have one more Aladdin drawing for you guys today.  I know, shame, shame. I still have 5 more to do. Maybe I will do another today; however we do have to work on the third comic.  For those of you who have not read the other two- here are the links. Episode 1: Dementia Strikes Back, Episode 2: Gone With The Wand. 

Again, these comics are about Melissa and I preparing for our trip to Florida (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Seaworld, Aquatica, and Disney World). We are very excited. 

I'm thinking of making a contest, and the winner will recieve a drawing of whatever they want.  Whether it be them as a cartoon, or something random they come up with. I'm not sure what the contest should be about though.  Let me know if you are interested, or what you think. Maybe I will also send them a postcard or something from DisneyWorld. Maybe then I'll get lots of followers.  Muhahhaha!!  Sorry about that.  Got a little carried away. 

Anywho, less then a month till the animation program starts.  I cant wait! I will be sure to post drawings on here from the class.

So without further babbling about my life here is the Genie -

Thank you and have a nice day!


  1. You already know what I want!!! Oh wait I know what's even better!! The whole cast of Harry Potter with me included! O-H-M-Y-G-O-S-H I would love that!!!

    Genie is great... wow you are super talented!

  2. Maybe your direct honesty and overall sincerity WILL get you more followers (personally, I think you deserve LOADS).
    I really want you to do a contest. And I HAVE to win. I want a postcard from Disney WOrld (that I don't have to buy)and I want you to stop, dilly-dallying (cause your worried I'll hate them) and draw my characters. If I win, I can make you. Plus, I like winning and I never win contests.
    My thoughts on the genie? I think he just knocked Iago and Raja off the board. I love his expression and his coloring! Your talent amazes me more and more everyday.