Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Epic Post!

Last chance to submit for the contest!! You can put your entry as a comment to this post or the official one. I will find out the winner tonight and post it tomorrow.  Are you excited? You should be!!

Okay so this post may not be epic, but it is very random and full of pictures. So brace yourself!

This is the final product of my dad's Fathers Day card. He loved it haha. Chris (older brother with red hair) looked at himself and made a funny face, haha.  I guess I can't blame him, it's not overall that flattering.

Last week I think it was I watched the trailer for Disney's Tangled, which looks amazing, and I decided to draw Rapunzel.  I changed her look a bit, cause I don't fully like it.  I feel like she could have been prettier. I dunno. Here is a couple sketches -

So on Monday I had my Graduation Ceremony from the Musical Theatre Program.  I was a lot of fun seeing everyone again. Well the half that showed up, hah. There were 11 out of 19 so thats over half. Anyways, here are some pictures-

All of us (that showed)

Fosse Pose!

Gillian and I

Luke and Lauren (Adorable)

Sean and Ashley (not adorable.. Kidding)

Kristin and I
Me and my parents.
Nolan and I
Morgan, Lauren and Me

We were doing a funny picture, I said I was melting and this the end result! haha!

Megan and I

Lauren and Ashley (My two favorites)

Us three!

The five of us (glued from the start)

There you go! It was so much fun. Most of these pictures were taken by my parents new camera, I love it!  The other half by Ashley's dad!


  1. Your parents new camera is GOOD! You look so happy in your grad pictures. It's actually pretty sweet. Like you look really, really happy.

    I love the picture for your dad. I can just SEE Chris' face. trust me, the picture you drew is nicer than his face! MWAHAHA. (Sorry, you know I love his own special way).

  2. Wow awesome pictures!!! You look so happy, and you are cute too!!

    I'm glad your dad liked the card! It was great so I thought he would!

    Rapunzel is great by the way!!! You are so flippin talented it's awesome!

    I'm really excited about the contest and all of it's epicness (yes I consider it epic!) I would love to win! Though I would like to change what you draw for me! I think it would be cool if you could a few of the characters in my current WiP it would be really cool to post it on my blog! Then again having the Harry Potter gang on my wall would be awesome too... Oh no! So many decisions! I'm excited to see the winner and secretly hope it's my name written there!

  3. PS I think it's super funny how I just went to my gmail and saw a comment from you! We were reading eachothers posts at the same time! How funny!

  4. Ramona you are too sweet!!! I would adore you for life (as I already do!) if you'd sneak me in as an extra winner ;) I'd choose wisely, thought it would be tough!

  5. You and your friends look so happy that I ended up being happy as well. Good fortune in animation. I paint in words not ink, Roland

  6. I LOVE it! Everyone looks soooo good and thrilled to be finished!! I'm glad you stuck through it til the end!