Friday, June 17, 2011

Hunger Games

If you have not read the Hunger Games books yet, I would advise you to do so.  They are really good.  The first one is by far the best, but they are all good.

Lately I have been wanting to draw characters from books.  So I decided to draw Fox Face from Hunger Games.  

I need to work on drawing things in perspective more.  So I drew the one above.  It just allows for more dynamic drawings. 

More mall inspired drawings.

 I like to make back stories for some of my characters like this guy. 

What are some of your favourite books?


  1. could you imagine Hunger Games as a Disney movie?

  2. I would be so incredibly happy!

  3. His Dark Materials series! (The Golden Compass series).
    The Order Series
    The Broken Window - Jeffrey Deaver