Monday, June 27, 2011

Marcus and Sasha

Marcus and Sasha had a rough past 
Marcus and Sasha never did last.
Marcus and Sasha don't go for anymore walks
Marcus and Sasha don't have anymore talks.
Marcus and Sasha wont ever have kids
Marcus and Sasha have many forbids.
Marcus and Sasha will never share pasta
You see Marcus never did have Sasha... 

Went to Rocky-point park with Karly today, and drew.  Saw a few dogs and got a tad carried away with the story between them.  Poor Marcus, so happy and non-understanding of Sasha's distaste.  p.s. the poem is meant to be funny not sad. :)

Here is the rest of the drawings from today and a couple days ago. Enjoy!

The time dog (his owner asked us for the time).

 Also went to Share today (a thrift store), and bought
 the Game of Life - Monsters Inc version! 

 The Road to El Dorado,
 (which I always have a craving to watch)

And the Emperor's New Groove!

Also bought this handy dandy water bottle from Starbucks.
(Notice the blurry background in the picture?  Yeeeaaah, thats nice!)

My gouache paint I bought a couple weeks ago.

What is the greatest thing you have found at a garage sale/ thrift store?

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